Courses in EMD (in R or otherwise)

I don't teach freelance courses on ecological models and data (although maybe I should!), but a few do exist. Here's a list of the ones I know about:

Title Contact Location Audience Length Notes
Enhancing Linkages between Mathematics and Ecology (ELME) Don Schoolmaster, Kay Gross Kellogg Biological Station (Michigan State Univ.) advanced u/g 1 week maximum likelihood; part of a larger syllabus including theory (1 week), ODE modeling (1 week), field course (1 month). (Chad Brassil's notes from 2007, Ben Bolker's notes from 2008)
Uncertainty and Variability in Ecological Inference, Forecasting, and Decision Making: An Introduction to Modern Statistical Computation Jim Clark Duke University's Center on Global Change grad/postgrad 11 days strong Bayesian hierarchical flavor; R, BUGS, MATLAB
MBI summer programs Kate Calder Mathematical Biosciences Institute (Ohio State University) grad 3 weeks 1-week tutorial + 2-week group projects; topic varies (2006 was ecology and evolution, 2007 systems physiology, 2008 math bioengineering, 2009 developmental biology). There's also an undergraduate program, with more breadth and less year-to-year variation.
Likelihood Methods in Ecology Charlie Canham, Maria Uriarte Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies grad, postdoc, faculty 2 weeks "lectures on likelihood principles, seminars on applications in ecology, and discussion of recent literature" plus independent projects
Workshops in modeling and analysis of ecology and evolution of infectious diseases Mike Antolin varies, in conjunction with annual EEID conference (May/June) grad and postdoc 4 days emphasizes analysis of disease/parasite data; topic varies (2008 was spatial analysis, 2009 may have a Bayesian flavor). Two parallel tracks, one aimed at ecology/epidemiology and the other at evolution/genetics problems.
CEF-Formation - Likelihood Methods in Ecology Michael Papaik Centre d'étude de la forêt (Laval University) grad, postdoc, faculty 3 days designed to meet prerequisites for IES course
Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling in Infectious Diseases John Drake, Pej Rohani, Kari Auranen, Elizabeth Halloran and Vladimir Minin University of Washington grad, postdoc, faculty? multiple 3-day modules infectious disease/epidemiology-oriented
Theoretical Ecology workshop Ben Bolker, Andy Dobson, Jon-Paul Rodriguez, Josefina Hernandez, Graciela Canziani, Giulio De Leo, Mercedes Pascual, Lauren Buckley, Jordi Bascompte, Jennifer Dunne Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste-Miramare, Italy grad/postdoc, esp. from developing countries 2 weeks emphasis on theoretical ecology/modeling, but some statistical/model-fitting topics as well

Courses within university programs (some with class notes available on-line)


  • There was formerly a one-week course in experimental design taught at the Pymatuning field station (WUSTL), which sometimes covered related topics, but based on the current courses page this course seems not to be taught any longer.
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